Wednesday, 28 February 2007



When sharing the same space as an object the viewer has a visual, mental and physical experience - seeing and feeling become one. Seeing an object and sharing its space is not alone an optical experience, it also integrates a phenomenological kinaesthetic experience where our consciousness and the sensory receptors in our body are affected.

This could explain why we are affected by objects for example sometimes we are drawn to touch an object; I sometimes find (depending on the object) that it is almost irresistable or compulsive. Some of us may also feel a strong desire to walk in among objects and share their space - walk through their space - into their space - be in amongst them in their space - submerge ourselves; I also find this compulsive

When we share space with objects or enter into their space or enter into a space which is using other stimulation for example sound or colour perhaps in an installation, many of our senses are being stimulated. This of course will affect people in different ways; for example you may see something or experience a feeling / sensation that makes you want to run away from it, or that makes you feel uncomfortable or too closed in. On the other hand you may want to stay there for hours and immerse yourself.

Here are some facts about personal space bubbles:

The bubble is larger if you are talking to a stranger.
The better you know the person you're talking to, the smaller the bubble may be.
The bubble is usually larger for two men than for two women.
The bubble may be very small for a man and a women if they are in a relationship.
The bubble may be larger than normal for a man and a women who are strangers to each other.
The bubble size may differ for different cultures.

This text was found on web:

This sign signifies that there is an empty space behind the closed doors i.e. a space devoid of human life.

This sign was put up on the outside of a theatre called,'The Empty Space Theatre', in Seattle. The theatre had to close its doors in 2006, after 37 years of putting on shows, due to lack of finance.

So ironically 'The Empty Space Theatre', has litterally become an empty space.