Friday, 20 April 2007


Another Erwin Wurm sculpture.

This image is harmonious in most ways i.e. someone sitting outside having lunch and a glass of wine, all things we accept as the norm. The interest and tension is created by the plate of food being placed in the man's mouth - it is this discordance that creates the interest.

I find this image hysterically funny. Can you imagine walking down the road and seeing this?


Cornelia Parker : Embryo Firearms, 1995
This sculpture is depicting the the beginnings of two guns, but they are not fully formed and are still just two shaped lumps of metal. Cornelia Parker is interested in how the viewer reads this sculpture i.e. the powerful metaphor that two shaped pieces of metal can convey. So the viewer is looking at shaped metal; but the symbolism is strong.

The two objects sit together harmoniously as one sculpture i.e. they are identical and symmetrical - there is no discordance in the object itself. However, the metaphor of what they are, and are capable of, for me resounds a huge discordance.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007


I walk 10 paces straight ahead and I turn right

1. Re-enactment of text to create a form on paper
2. A Performance on paper

This is a demonstration of how text can work as instruction, and when followed, as if litterally walking with the text and turning right, a form/shape can be created. So the words/text become more than a vehicle for communication alone; the words become active in their own right. The words become objects in their own right and when placed in position by following the instructions create an even bigger object i.e. the words in position seen as a whole create a larger object the form itself. The words litterally take on their own entity as building blocks. The words become objects that create a larger object/form.

Photograph by Lois Greenfield

I like this image because four humans have been used to create one form, with movement and rythm, suspended in air. Here the rythm is created by the human bodies being linked together, the variation in the way the bodies are suspended i.e. one touching the ground and the others at different heights and they way in which the bodies are posed (limbs etc.) to create varying shapes and angles also add to the sense of rythm and movement as the eye follows the form as a whole.


A new object enters the society of little beings. He looks like a brute...

Sculptural objects: These sculptures have become objects in their own right. Everyday materials have been taken out of their normal context and put together in a different way to create a new and unique object that can be seen and touched. Because the objects are unique they become their own entity i.e. they have a life of their own, away from the artist. They occupy their own space and will have an independant existance i.e. they will be viewed, touched and judged in their own right. Viewing is subjective and they will evoke different opinions/feelings which will be individual to the viewer.

Erwin Wurm: Cahors outdoor sculpture, 1999
From the 2001 Collection

The person in conjuntion with the wall becomes an inanimate object; the person seems to have lost his humanness. The wall and the human body have been connected, which creates a new object; i.e. the wall on its own seems unremarkable, and the human body on its own seems pretty normal and unremarkable, but when they are joined together in this way a new object is created a new curiosity. We are not used to seeing the human body or wall in this context, so two ordinary things have been put together to create a unique object.

Artist Erwin Wurm uses the human body in conjunction with other objects to create sculpture.