Tuesday, 10 April 2007


I walk 10 paces straight ahead and I turn right

1. Re-enactment of text to create a form on paper
2. A Performance on paper

This is a demonstration of how text can work as instruction, and when followed, as if litterally walking with the text and turning right, a form/shape can be created. So the words/text become more than a vehicle for communication alone; the words become active in their own right. The words become objects in their own right and when placed in position by following the instructions create an even bigger object i.e. the words in position seen as a whole create a larger object the form itself. The words litterally take on their own entity as building blocks. The words become objects that create a larger object/form.


Photograph by Lois Greenfield

I like this image because four humans have been used to create one form, with movement and rythm, suspended in air. Here the rythm is created by the human bodies being linked together, the variation in the way the bodies are suspended i.e. one touching the ground and the others at different heights and they way in which the bodies are posed (limbs etc.) to create varying shapes and angles also add to the sense of rythm and movement as the eye follows the form as a whole.


sarah el said...

This is such a beautiful image. They look so perfect too. So unreal.

Have you ever seen that programme on Par Kour. It's also known as 'Free - running' The main guy who ran in it, Im afraid I can;t remember his name (Sebastian, -maybe?) plays a role in the new James Bond film and does all the stunts you see him do in the film. There are film shots of him in James Bond and also in the Par Kour that show him either suspended or slowed mid air - it's quite fantastic. I think they have a copy of the Free Running documentary in the library.

gwen said...

Howdy, I'm slaving away in the library all day, so I'll try and get it out.
Thnx x