Friday, 20 April 2007


Cornelia Parker : Embryo Firearms, 1995
This sculpture is depicting the the beginnings of two guns, but they are not fully formed and are still just two shaped lumps of metal. Cornelia Parker is interested in how the viewer reads this sculpture i.e. the powerful metaphor that two shaped pieces of metal can convey. So the viewer is looking at shaped metal; but the symbolism is strong.

The two objects sit together harmoniously as one sculpture i.e. they are identical and symmetrical - there is no discordance in the object itself. However, the metaphor of what they are, and are capable of, for me resounds a huge discordance.


sarah el said...


I'm not sure what anyone else sees when they see this image but for me when I look at it it reminds me of two bunnies facing each other. And its furthermore strange that I would think that. Guns are kind of seenas violent signifiers, but when I think of a rabbit I think 'ah, cute and fluffy'.

Love the blog Gwen!x

gwen said...

Howdy Sarah

I think your interpretation of this image is great. I think, in the future, whenever I look at this image - that I will always remember your take:
fluffy bunnies!!

Thnx x

gwen said...

Sarah, I've just looked again and they look like they're kissing?!?