Friday, 20 April 2007


Another Erwin Wurm sculpture.

This image is harmonious in most ways i.e. someone sitting outside having lunch and a glass of wine, all things we accept as the norm. The interest and tension is created by the plate of food being placed in the man's mouth - it is this discordance that creates the interest.

I find this image hysterically funny. Can you imagine walking down the road and seeing this?


tim said...

You may like a play called 'my arm' by Tim Crouch. its an absurds play in a similar vein to that of Eugene Ionesco or Adamov. The play is about a boy who insists upon living his life with his arm above his head. Strangely I met a slightly irate Tim Crouch recently when he came into the bike shop where I work with a day old broken bike.

tim said...

oh and Ive got books on all those guys if you would like to borrow any of them.

gwen said...

thanks, Tim. I will check out where the play, 'my arm' by Tim Crouch, is on - it sounds hysterical. If you know where it's on, I'd be grateful if you would let me know. And I would love to borrow the book.
G x

Claudia said...

No I have never come acoss someone attempting to eat a plate and before making a start on their food! Well found! I have to agree, it is hysterical:-)

gwen said...

Thanks, Claudia