Wednesday, 9 May 2007


What feelings do these two images evoke? They evoke in me an emotional and physical response. This is mainly because they are made from wool. I immediately want to touch them and feel them and hold them - I want to physically experience them. Emotionally I think I associate wool with warmth, snugness, cosy, gentle - something I want to wrap up in - my own snug cacoon.

With these particular objects, i.e. the sock, and the person (- woops sorry it's not a person is it? It's a hot water bottle), other feelings/emotions are evoked. The sock is so tiny it must be for a toddler - for a tiny person - small and sweet.
The water bottle is just hysterical and funny and looks like an absurd person to me.

And then I start thinking materials for sculpture.........but hold on - maybe these to me are already sculptures??

Carsten Holler's Test Site 2007

All sorts of feelings are provoked by Test Site. The psychological feelings of the mind created by the anticipation of what the experience of riding it might be; these feelings intensify whilst queuing as your turn gets closer. My personal experience whilst queuing to ride it was a mixture of terror and excitement (but I have to admit the emphasis was on terror). Then of course the physical feelings of moving at speed, along with the loss of control over your physical being, varied depending on which level slide you were on. For example my experience of the level 3 slide was of a very fast physical experience mixed with feelings of terror i.e. I screamed all the way down, but for some absurd reason when I reached the bottom I broke out into uncontrollable laughhter - I think I was relieved that I'd made it down alive. I noticed other people were responding in the same way.

My experience of the level 5 slide was completely different. I was even more scared with anticipation assuming that because it's higher that it would be even more terrifying than level 3. But the experience wasn't terrifying at all. I felt that I was moving more slowly and kind of pleasantly gliding down - I had a feeling of well being or pleasure (it's hard to describe). I even had time to think and look out through the plastic tube at what was going on around me. This was definitely not what I'd been anticipating, but I thoroughly ennjoyed it!

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